Mr. Misanthrope (pattypercocet) wrote,
Mr. Misanthrope

My Kitty.....

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My Kitty's name is Kitty Kowalski. But when you say her name you have to go "KITTY!" Like Bullet does. I love my little kitty. More than I love most things. More than pizza. Shes the calico equivalent to Belit. That Fatty.
Felicia gets paid today. That means party tonight. I've been having rather odd dreams involving my loved ones in more often than not random situations. Nothing horribly bad, some dreams were boring, other were downright depressing to wake up from. Ugh I havent been sleeping a lot lately. Just waiting for my disability to kick in so I can get money and all that. Im prolly just excited about all the changes that will be made to my life in 2007. For the better, finally. But whatever. Sorry to bore you, dear reader with uninspired journal entry.
Ugh, Patty's tired and sober. The latter of the two will be corrected this afternoon, the good lord willing. I miss all my playmates in other states. Hopefully Ill be visiting many of them at the end of the year if all goes well.
WOW. I live an uninteresting life. At least when I finally do get to a computer and am desperately trying to think of something to type. Whatever. I promise more cool stuff when I think of it. LOVE YOU!

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