Mr. Misanthrope (pattypercocet) wrote,
Mr. Misanthrope

Not another LJ, Patty....

Hey, at least I deleted the old ones and only have one now, so fuck you. Ugh. You think when you havent written in one of these stupid fucking things in a while you'd have a whole helluva lot to write about. WRONG.
Things have been quiet as fuck on the old Patty homestead. Currently living in Chandler, Az for the time being and trying my hand at disability for my neck because work is hella gay. Just been hanging out with the familiar faces like Felicia, DJ, Jess, Chano, Rob, etc.
I'm too busy pill hunting to make new friends, goddamn it. And lish is a popper too now (no, I didnt cause it, dick.) So its more fun to hang out with her. Finally someone to help me in my diabolical schemes. *Sinister Laughter*
Fuck. Even when yer hanging out at a house you can do whatever you please in its still hella boring if you dont have a car. Somebody mail me a car. One of those little ones that the bear drives around in when you go to the circus.

Add me you cunts!

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