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To My Adoring Masses...

In the interest of actually making this a journal of shit that happens in my life and not just a showcase of amusing pictures I take (Although my previous entry on Chinese fish food was amusing) I've decided to update about my life (Like any of you give a shit... If you did you'd call) So, here we go. The microwave, do-it-yerself, instant Patty Updates:

1. Mental Status - Better than usual. Lithium works. I just wish these nightmares would go the fuck away. I have either horrible dreams of my loved ones or I have wonderful dreams of people whom hate me now, so I have to wake up and come to terms with the fact that they hate me every morning. Ugh. As far as the pills go, I'm still going strong and will probably never quit. After all, Ive been doing them since I was 12. I dont know who I am without them. At least I dont feel guilty for them anymore so I no longer try to hide them.

2. Financial Status - Ugh. Ups and downs. Just paid my phone bill today. Im gonna owe Felicia a lot of $$$ when its all said and done. Better her than Terry tho. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Only Felicia got that joke.

3. Romantic Status - I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.

4. Pshysical Status - Neck still hurts, occasionally. Other than that Im doing alright. Planning a few new tattoos, but other than that same old same old.

5. Other - I'm excitied about the new Future Bible Heroes song. Um, I find myself missing people out of nowhere. A certain person from Elberon goes without saying, but in addition to her I've had these moments where I start missing random people so bad it hurts. Molly, especially. Also, Blue, Dee, Rob (From Seattle), Tiffany, A handful of people from high school. The other day right before I started taking Lithium I thought about a girlfriend of mine from high school that hung herself and I just went to peices right there. I literally broke into tears while I was holding a box of organic pop tarts.

And to all you Cali motherfuckers, If all goes well with Bullet I oughta be down there at the end of the month. Hopefully. No promises tho. Its been pretty touch and go in the relationship deopartment lately.

OK, Im done. There's yer precious update. Now go fuck yerself. Or me. Whoever's hotter.


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