Mr. Misanthrope (pattypercocet) wrote,
Mr. Misanthrope

Patty's Adventures With Chinese Fish Food...

OK, So I woke up this morning and went to pick up Felicia. After drinking a few cups of coffee in the break room, I decide to rummage through other people's belongings without permission. I came to the last cabinet by the refridgerator and what I found may shock and baffle you.
I dont exactly know what the fuck these things are, cus I can't read Chinese, or Japanese. I dunno. I can't read asian. And to be honest with you, all I can do is speculate on what this stuff is.

MMMMMM, Jerky!

Exhibit A: What appears to be Japanese beef jerky. Let me make one thing clear... It fucking reeks. So I'm assuming this shit is sea weed of some kind.

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Exhibit B: Chinese Fish Food. This one really scares me. Mainly because it looks like this:

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And for those of you who can read asian or know what is in the jar, please tell me. I had to steal the jar because I have to taste it. Im a little scared of it killing me. For all I know it really is fish food. But I have to know.

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