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In Heaven, Everything Is Fine

The Whore That Never Faces West Misses Sunsets

Mr. Misanthrope
24 February 1984
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I am Patty

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"recreational pain management", altered states of consciousness, alternate realities, arabic writing, arcades, aromatherapy, aussie hair care products, being alone, being fucking selfish, being soooooo depressed, bizzare foreplay, cabal, casinos, chocolate, claudia gonson, cl♣bs, coffee, cold water extraction, comical tattoos, cooze candy, courtney love, cunnilingus, daffy duck, daria, dead flowers, deja vu, desert, donkey kong, dr. house, dream analysis, drunk whores, elvira, energy drinks, essential oils, eyeballs, future bible heroes, gay synth pop, good adultery, goth broads, green dee's green eyes, heroin, hookah, horror movies, house, iced tea, impulse, inside jokes, insomnia, jason voorhees, k-mart, kitty!, lauren woodward kaplow, lavender scent, lithium, living in the past, losing fights, maniac mansion, midian, molly gelman, moonlight, morphine, movies, music, naked juice, navajo girls, nes, nightbreed, nirvana, old horror movies, one percenters, out of body experiences, oxycontin, pain killers, panties, patty, people i secretly love, percocet, pom tea, professional wrestling, psychology, punk rock, rain, rattlesnaking the bottle, regretting the past, ren and stimpy, road trips, roman catholics, saying i love you, slush puppies, spiteful ex girlfriends, starburst fruit chews, stephin merritt, submission, suckerpunch victim, teeth, tetris, the 1980's, the creepy thirteen, the king of clubs, the king of hearts, the magnetic fields, the march hare, the moon, u turn, unconventional beauty, unprotected intimacy, unshaven pubic hair, vicodin, weird edsel, winning fights, zombies, شيطان